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First we want to let you know up front the cost for membership.($15.00 or $30.00) one time fee only. If you do not want to invest this much money in your future, your business (website business or not), or the chance to become self-employed then don't waste our time or yours and click off this page. We are only interested in motivated members and merchants! This is also a great opportunity for great work from home type of job or even a great way to make extra money on Ebay as a reseller, sex toy parties, fashion shows, swap meet, own current website or brick & mortar store and many other recommend ways listed below.

Now that we got rid of those persons that are not serious, please take the time to read this information. First we want to inform you that we currently we have over 16,000 members currently and that number increases daily,  (Merchants included) that are making money from home or have their own business store and are their own boss through as sub-wholesalers and sub-reseller with our products. Work From Home Jobs, Make Money At Home Web Site opportunity. Sex Toys are believe it or not guys one of the number one sellers in the USA right now. We carry over 30, 000 prodcts, and millions are bought online sold at adult sex parties, dance clubs, stores, at homes and many other sources. Belive us this is no smake screen here guys, our current members make tons of money and are very happy. Look we are not going to bore you anymore with sales pitches, check it all for yourself. Do some research and you can easily fine all for your self. When you do come back here to this page and we will tell you how to do the rest.



We require a set up one-time fee before you can start purchasing at wholesale prices. There are two(2) kinds of memberships to consider :-

$30.00 NON-REFUNDABLE.(One-time, Lifetime Fee) For companies or individuals who want to purchase at wholesale, but do not want restrictions on their account, such as minimum requirements. When ordering our $30.00 set up fee, you can order one or 1,000 products, in any combination, at any time. There are no restrictions on your account. You ARE NOT required to make minimum purchases. This includes your set up fee for your account as well.

$15.00 NON-REFUNDABLE.(One-time, Lifetime Fee) For companies or individuals who will purchase $250.00 worth of merchandise, on their first order, and will purchase at least $150.00 worth of merchandise for every order after that. These companies do not require, or need to make individual purchases. Companies signing up for this type of account are retail stores, wholesale distributors, flea market vendors, swap meet vendors and website owners who warehouse their own inventory. If you do not meet your minimum requirements, you will be charged a $50.00 service fee. Make your choice and check out below.

Included with your Starter Package are:-
Special Members Privileges, Terms and Conditions

*24-Hour Fax
*Out of Stocks and Discontinued post when ordering on-line.
*Separate Out of Stock list with arrival dates.
*Wholesale Price List sent by email.
*Additional items not found in catalog
*Specials and Closeouts listed on line
* Updates on special deals by email.
*Out of Stock notices by email.
*Personal Membership I.D. Number assigned to you.
* Access to over 35,000 products to resell.
*(Includes Set-up fee) of your own account for emailed orders.


For Great Ideas of how to Sell our Products and ways to Make Money.

You can place your orders securely, using our "Quick Order" feature. Simply input item numbers and quantities on the order form, and your shopping cart is generated on the same page, for easy viewing.

We keep all credit card information on file in the office. Even though our sites are secure, you never have to input your card number over the internet, after your initial membership purchase. If you want to charge your order to a different card, simply input the new card number for that order.


We also offer drop shipping. That means you can have your orders shipped directly to your customers. To read more on this click on dropshipping. Drop Shipping Interface gives you the ability to review all aspects of your drop shipping business with us. You can track shipments, review sales, lookup prior orders, check our inventory levels, place bulk orders, check on product specials and the list goes on. You will see we try to give you all the information at your fingertips so you can succeed in your business ventures.
Our inventory levels are posted on our site. Shipping and handling: You have the choice of shipping your merchandise United States Postal Service or UPS. For overnight mail we will charge you the difference to your account automatically and email you the total charges.

  • Real time shipping reports
  • Email notification to you and your customers (if desired)
  • New Product Updates
  • Personalized Online Drop Shipping Interface*
  • Toll Free Customer Service
  • Corporate Account Managers
  • Same Day Service
  • Return Services
  • Low Product Pricing
  • Defined Shipping Rates
  • Blind Shipping (Our identity will remain hidden from your customers) 

Occasionally you will need to refer to our return policy. If you receive merchandise that is damaged, you may return it (you pay return postage) and we will reorder the merchandise for you. No shipping is charged on the reorder. If you want to return merchandise that is not damaged, there is a 20% restocking fee. You need to request an RMA (Return Merchanise Authorization) number for all returns before actually sending the merchandise. In some situations, it may not be necessary for you to return the merchandise. So, please request a return, before sending it back. We will not accept COD returns.

Additional catalogs and other supply items are available. Your wholesale
discounted price list (sent to you after membership check out and sign up) will show you the price breaks and costs. On top of our discounted price list, 4% additional discount on cases. When you receive your hard-copy wholesale price list, there is an additional column labeled "Cases Qty". If you purchase an entire case, you will receive an additional 4% discount on that case. If you order a case, plus 1 or 2 additional pieces of the same item, you will only receive the 4% discount on the case. The remainder will be charged at the regular wholesale cost.

On top of our discounted price list  a 5% discount on orders over $1,000.00. If your order total (excluding shipping and handling) equals $1,000.00 or more, you will receive an additional 5% discount. This total must be met with in-stock items. If your order contains out of stocks, and does not meet the $1,000.00 level, discounts will not apply. You can check our out of stock page to make sure items are available, or send us an email requesting availability. When you order cases, and make the $1,000.00, you will receive 4% off the cases and 5% off the entire order. Your order total will be less than $1,000.00 after the discounts are applied, but you will still receive all discounts.

So your total possible discount on top of our discounted price list  is 9% off your wholesale price! Discounts are applied after the order has been received at the office.
We do accept checks (10 business day delay before goods are shipped)

If you choose not to wait 10 days then we sugguest you have your customer send a money order or certified check.
BY INTERNET: Click n the link below then add the Membership to your cart and simply check out.
BY MAIL: Send either: $30.00 set up fee for a "no restriction, no minimum" account, or $15.00 set up fee for "minimum requirement: (higher discounted rate) $250.00 for your first order, and $150.00 minimum for all future orders", non-refundable money order to the address here. 

Fax your order using our on-line order form. Credit card orders only. 24-Hour fax# here.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards. International Members must include the option below to cover shipping cost for membership package of $10.00. All of our current members are very successful with Sex-Toys so come n board & start your work from home business. Or continue to work and make mone on the side from a website that makes money while you work or sleep. 





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